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Following the smugglers trails across France, Spain and Andorra

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Are you experienced at mountain horse trekking? We will take you to discover the Pyrenees at very high altitude with our local breed horses. 12 days on horseback covering mountain trails with comfortable accommodation at night.

Technical Details

TypeHorseback riding - Adults - Pyrnes
TitleTrans-pyrnean trail
MealsBreakfast and evening meal at the gite, or prepared by our staff. Your assistance is welcome. Cold lunches are carried in the saddlebags.
AccompanimentA qualified guide, specialising in mountain trekking
ClimateMountain climate, nights can be fresh in high mountain.
Transport optionsNot required
Closest train station shuttle
Toulouse Blagnac airport shuttle (75.00€)
Price2085.00€ Price by date


The departure point for this trek is Camurac, a small mountain village at 1300m altitude. This wild and unspoilt place is found on the Plateau d'Aillou, where the climate, flora and fauna evoke a high mountain ambiance. During this trek, we will cross the borders of France, Spain and Andorra following the trails of smugglers, shepherds and other travellers. We will pass through the heart of the Luzenac valley where our herd of broodmares spend their summer, and cross the place of origin of the Merens horse breed. There will be some days where our luggage is not transported by motor vehicle but by our baggage mule and on the horses. With numerous technical sections and stunning scenery, this trek is for riders seeking adventure.

Arrival of riders at the gite at Camurac

Sunday : Camurac / Luzenac
A first day to get into the swing of the holiday in a high mountain setting with stunning panoramas of the central Pyrenees. We pass below the Rock of Scaramus and drop back down into the Luzenac Valley where we spend the night. 4.5 hours of riding.

Monday : Luzenac / plateau de Beille
We climb back up the Luzenac valley where our broodmares pass their summer and rejoin the Beille peaks. We remain at high altitude and spend the night in the Angaka trapper's camp. 5 hour of riding.

Tuesday : Plateau de Beille / Ruhles refuge
We stay on the peaks until the Didorte Pass then travel up the Rieutord valley. Once at the pass, there is superb view of the Fontargentes lakes and the Pic du Rubles. There is no motorised transport on this section - our baggage mule, named Tartine, will carry the group kit and each rider will have a waterproof container for their overnight kit. The refuge keeper, Calou, will greet us with a warm welcome and prepare our evening meal. 5 hours of riding.

Wednesday : Ruhles refuge / Soldeu
We continue our way along technically challenging but superb tracks until we reach the border with Andorra, then we drop down the Incls valley to Soldeu, where we rejoin civilisation. We spend the night in a four star hotel where all our belongings will have been delivered. 4 hours of riding.

Thursday : Soldeu / Engolaster
We stay in Andorra and climb up to the Tarter ski resort, then explore the Bordes de Rigoller, which is a traditionally pretty Andorran valley. We arrrive at the Engolaster lake by taking a magnificent terraced route which overlooks the whole valley of Andorra La Vella. The night is spent in a hotel. 4.5 hours of riding

Friday : Engolaster / Cap del Rec
We take an ancient cobbled pathway and after several technical sections, arrive in the Madriu valley. We cross two passes and climb to the Spanish border at over 2500m altitude. After a picnic on the banks of a lake, we take a gentler path to the refuge at Cap del Rec, where we spend the night. We can admire the views over one of the most beautiful Spanish sierras - the sierra de Cadi. 6.5 hours riding.

Saturday : Cap del Rec / Port Puymorens
We rejoin the Llosa valley and cross over to Porteilla Blanca (2517m), a pass at the junction of three countries. We drop down on the French side by the Campcardos valley, where you can enjoy the high altitude ambiance. We arrive in the Carol valley at the level of Porta and shortly afterwards, at the Port Puymorens gite, where we spend the night. 6.5 hours of riding.

Rest day at Port Puymorens for riders and horses.

Monday : Port-Puymorens / Bna
From Port-Puymorens, we take a small mountain track which is the main feature of the Carol valley. The surefootedness of our horses will amaze you. We arrive at "Dead Man's Pass" at 2300m altitude, then descend into the Cerdagne, in the sunniest region of France. We spend the night in a gite, after 4.5 hours of high mountain riding.

Tuesday : Bna / Bouillouses
We cross several Catalonian villages and climb into the Carlit "desert" at over 2300m altitude. Chamois, marmots and mouflons inhabit these high wild plateaus. We then descend to the Bouillouses Lake, where we spend the night in a hotel at 2000m after 4.5 hours of riding.

Wednesday : Bouillouses / Rieutort
We trek at over 2000m towards the classified site of Camporells. After admiring the exceptional views at the foot of the Prucs, we drop down towards Formigures, then make our way to the gite at Rieutort. This day is 6 hours on horseback. Night in gite.

Thursday : Rieutort / Mijans
We climb to the Hares Pass and arrive at the Qurigut lake. We then descend through the beautiful Donnezan Forest, called "Little Canada", heading towards Mijans. After 4 hours of riding, we spend the night in a mountain hotel.

Friday : Mijans / Camurac
We climb to the Paillhres Pass, at over 2000m, and travel along the ridges to the Camurac ski resort. This final day reveals a series of breathtaking panoramas. We drop down into the village of Camurac and spend the night in a gite, after 6 hours on horseback

Saturday / departure from Camurac at 10am


Information & Booking

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